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Get the biggest litters, the healthiest pups and the best prices! Learn the proven methods of renown breeder, James Chopping. He knows the problems you'll have, how to avoid mistakes, and how to become a happy and wealthy breeder.

Learn from the best!

I'm James and I'm here to teach you secrets I have learned in 40+ years of dog breeding.

I have helped thousands of beginners, experts and even vets get bigger, healthier, and more valuable litters.

With 100,000 followers on Social Media I'm your go to source. I will cover everything in detail. Lets get started!

On-line Courses

The Right Video & Pic Doubles Puppy Sales (New Course!)

Take videos and pictures that boost sales 100%. 

In less than one hour James will show you how to take fast, easy videos that make people pick up the phone to buy. Get higher prices and faster sales by with the RIGHT sort of visuals! Most people shoot at the wrong angle, in the wrong environment, or take pretty pictures that get no reaction. James's methods will turn your pictures and videos into sales magnets!

Price: $49
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PUPPY 101: Survive and Thrive

Covers everything from birth to leaving for new homes.

This is vital information to make sure every puppy survives and thrives.

If you don't know what to expect, how will you know if something is wrong? No plan and you miss something essential!

Newborns are very vulnerable, don't leave it to chance! Make sure you know exactly what to do every day and how to help the weakest pups.

Price: $149

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Secrets to Selling Puppies

To succeed in the crowded market of 2024 you must up your game! James is thriving in these tough times. Discover his secrets and how he makes his pups stand out. Learn everything from filming a video to signing a sales contract. Take the course and get top dollar no matter what the current market is.

Price: $79

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Secrets to Getting Large Litters

It's all about timing! The date of mating determines whether you will get one pup or lots. It's essential to understand the science, signs and methods so that you get it right! James shows you how to stop falling for false clues and start using proven methods to get the biggest broods.

Price: $79

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Secrets to Timing Whelp

What your vet doesn't know can kill pups! James shows you what signs to look for, how to double check everything and get ready for the whelp. Take the course, avoid disaster, and prepare for a lovely litter of perfect puppies.

Price: $79

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Secrets of the Dog Business

Turn your passion for dogs into a successful business. Top breeder, James Chopping, will show you what is involved, how to get started and how to expand. Avoid common mistakes that cut into profits and plan properly so you can make money while living the life you love.

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Secrets to Designing a Kennel for All Your Dogs

Don't build a kennel and then have regrets because you missed out something vital! Well meaning architects have never shoveled dog poop, dealt with flooded floors or chewed wires, so they are blind to design details that will make your life easier and your dogs safe.

Instead, learn from renown dog breeder, James Chopping. He will show you how to design a kennel that drastically reduces the time you spend on daily chores, reduces your operating expenses, and how to build it with the least money. He will reveal everything including the detailed plans he used for his own kennel!

Price: $149

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Breeder 101: the Masterclass

In depth details for beginners and experts on every aspect of the dog breeding business. Accelerate your success and stop making expensive mistakes!

Price: $389

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Comments about James

  • "James, You saved my litter thank God I took your advice"
  • "You were right, the Vet was wrong!! We did a C-Section according to your protocol. 8 Healthy pups."
  • "The whelping system is a life saver. My babies are safe, Mums Happy & I got my life back"
  • "I've been breeding for years. I thought I knew it all. I was on the fence buying the course. But I'm always learning watching your videos. Thanks again."
  • "You saved me $4500! I almost went to the emergency clinic for a C-Section. Took your advice, Waited 24 hours, and found a country Vet. Cost me just shy of $500. Wonderful clinic, five beautiful, healthy babies and saved a ton. Awesome."