The Right Pic & Video
Doubles Puppy Sales

Professional photographers have it all wrong! How to take pics & videos fast & boost sales 100%

In today's market, you need videos that make people say: "I want that puppy, NOW!" Get it right and you'll have customers begging to buy your pups. Get it wrong and sales will be zero.

All you need is a smartphone, some simple equipment, and this course! Your videos and pictures will be sale's magnets. No photography expertise needed!

Don't let your pups get left on the shelf! Most videos are shot at the wrong angle, composed badly and don't trigger an urgent need to buy. Enroll in the course, create compelling videos, and see your sales skyrocket!

Price: $79

30 day money back guarantee

Three types of people

who will be transformed by this course:

Busy people

You line up for the perfect picture and a split second before you snap it, the dog moves. Frustration builds as you try this again and again, an hour goes by, and you still don't have what you want! Does this sound familiar?

You don't have half a day to set up a video or write a carefully crafted script! Is this you?

What if you could shoot the perfect video in less than ten minutes and get a photo in seconds? How much more satisfying would that be? This course will show you how to easily get results in less time than it takes to cook a meal. Stop the hassle and start having fun!

Complete novices who hate taking videos

If you have pups on the ground, there is no time to waste! You must take videos now to build interest and line up customers. But the thought of it fills you with dread! You're afraid you'll sound monotonous, look like a cheap salesman, and filming is too complicated.

What if that changed, and suddenly you where looking forward to filming? Would you do it more? Would a weight lift off your shoulders? This course makes filming fun! You don't need pushy scripts, monotonous memorization or fancy film shots. You don't need expensive equipment either! You'll learn easy methods so you can confidently create irresistible videos.

If you put this off, the ones who suffer will be your pups because they won't find great homes. Change their destiny! Get the course today!

People with tons of video and photography experience

When people see your videos and pictures, do they just think: "How adorable!", or do they reach for the phone to get the puppy right away? There is a big difference between videos that look cute and ones that make people take action! You have to paint a picture that makes people imagine what their life would be like if that puppy was theirs. More lights, better cameras, hiring a professional videographer - none of this will help. You have to reach people on an emotional level! This course will show you how to connect. Stop missing the mark and start making money!

Taught by James Chopping

James and his wife, Tami, are well known dog breeders with over 30 years of experience. Their dogs command top prices. In this course he shows you his easy method for making irresistible videos that quickly place puppies into loving homes.

James gives information clearly and succinctly and makes learning fun! He has had over I million views on his "Love My Pups" YouTube channel and over 100,000 subscribers on social media. His followers rave about him with comments like "You are phenomenal!", "Best Tutorial Ever!", "Your videos give me the confidence to succeed."


What is the guarantee?

We are so sure you will love the course that we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. You can’t go wrong!

Can I ask questions of the instructor?

Yes! There is a forum section under each module where you can put your questions about the lesson and James will get back to you and explain what he thinks is the right answer for you.

Is it for all dog breeds?


Can I watch it on my cell phone?

Yes. You can watch it on your cell phone, your computer or stream it to your smart TV. You can watch it on any device you use to watch videos.

Does it take long to download each lesson, and do I have to install apps?

It doesn’t take any time for you to download because it is all video that is there ready for you immediately, no downloading required. You do not have to install any apps.

Will it expire?

No. There is no expiration date. You can take as long as you want to watch it and go back months later to review anything.

How long is the course?

In total, it's about an hour. The lessons are in bite size chunks, so that you can easily complete a class while you relax with a cup of coffee on the porch or wait in line at the grocery store.

Can I jump backwards and forwards between classes?

Yes. We recommend you do exactly that! Jump right in with the parts that interest you the most. The course will keep track of which bits you’ve watched so jumping around is easy. It isn’t a course where you’ve got to learn the first part before you can move to the next.

Is this for beginners or people with lots of experience?

Both. If you are a beginner you will find it easy to understand and absorb. If you are experienced there is plenty of new information that will be very valuable to you. We are so sure of this, that we offer a money back guarantee.

Is this a class to help puppy mills sell lots of puppies quickly?

No. This is a class to help you be successful in what you passion is: having fun with puppies! Part of that process is finding new and great homes for them, and you do that by marketing to the right people in the right way and avoiding puppy mills.

On-line Course, taught by James Chopping

30 day money back guarantee