Design the Perfect Kennel for Multiple Dogs

Don't build a kennel and then have regrets because you missed out something vital! Well meaning architects have never shoveled dog poop, dealt with flooded floors or chewed wires, so they are blind to design details that will make your life easier and your dogs safe.

Instead, learn from renown dog breeder, James Chopping. He will show you how to design a kennel that drastically reduces the time you spend on daily chores, reduces your operating expenses, and how to build it with the least money. He will reveal everything including the detailed plans he used for his own kennel!

On-line Course Overview

Price $149

Why you need this course:

If you build it wrong, you’ll have to build another one in 4 years.

Built it right and cleanup is 30 minutes a day. Build it wrong and clean up will take 2 hours.

Build it right and its easy to disinfect. Wrong and you get sick dogs.

Build with the right materials and its safe and cheaper. Wrong and dogs escape or get hurt.

Get the security and monitoring right, and you'll have a safe dog environment. Wrong, the power or climate controls fail, dogs are stolen or die.

Get the heating/cooling/lighting wrong and it costs too much to operate.

Get the right building codes and zones or have the city make you take it down!

In this in-depth course you will find out everything you need to know to avoid common design flaws and build it right the first time. Here are just a few of the subjects that are covered:

  • What size building you need for your breed of dog.
  • How to choose the right location: Zoning, permits and building codes.
  • Building materials for floors, walls, and roofs: What to avoid and what’s best value for money.
  • What the overall costs are likely to be and how to calculate them.
  • Avoid heating and cooling disasters: Design for dependability and low operating costs.
  • Why noise matters! How to reduce the noise of dog barking so that dogs are calm, and neighbors happy.
  • Stop people stealing your dogs! Alarms and security features you’ll need.
  • Design for human error! Doors left open, faucets left on, etc. All the safety features you need.
  • Reduce poop clean-up time! Construct your building with the right floor, drainage systems etc. so clean up is quick and sanitary.
  • The design James made for his kennel and step by step instructions of how to built it.

Learn from the Best

James gives information clearly and succinctly and makes learning fun! He has had millions views on his "Love My Pups" YouTube channel and 100,000 subscribers on social media. His followers rave about him with comments like "You are phenomenal!", "Best Tutorial Ever!", "Your videos give me the confidence to succeed."

James has bred dogs successfully for over 20 years. He invented the "Puppy Incubator Care Unit" an essential for transporting newborns form the vet, and a life-saver for ailing pups needing warmth and safety. His patented "Heated Whelping Kit" is an alternative to heating lamps that doesn't cook Mom and stops pups from getting hypothermia or being squashed. These products have been used successfully by tens of thousands of his customers.


What is the guarantee?

We are so sure you will love the course that we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you get your money back.

Can I ask questions of the instructor?

Yes! There is a forum section under each module where you can put your questions about the lesson and James will get back to you and explain what he thinks is the right answer for you.

Is it for all dog breeds?


Can I watch it on my cell phone?

Yes. You can watch it on your cell phone, your computer or stream it to your smart TV. You can watch it on any device you use to watch videos.

Does it take long to download each lesson, and do I have to install apps?

It doesn’t take any time for you to download because it is all video that is there ready for you immediately, no downloading required. You do not have to install any apps.

Will it expire?

No. There is no expiration date. You can take as long as you want to watch it and go back months later to review anything.

How long is the course?

It's about 2 1/2 hours long and it's divided into bite size modules, so that you can easily complete a class while you relax with a cup of coffee on the porch or wait in line at the grocery store.

Can I jump backwards and forwards between classes?

Yes. We recommend you do exactly that! Jump right in with the parts that interest you the most. The course will keep track of which bits you’ve watched so jumping around is easy. It isn’t a course where you’ve got to learn the first part before you can move to the next.

Is this to help people set up a puppy mill?

No. We believe every dog has a right to be happy. That is why setting up a kennel the correct way is so important! Dogs should be safe, healthy and cared for.

Design the Perfect Kennel for Multiple Dogs