PUPPY 101: Survive and Thrive

Covers everything from birth to leaving for new homes.

This is vital information to make sure every puppy survives and thrives.

If you don't know what to expect, how will you know if something is wrong? No plan and you miss something essential!

Newborns are very vulnerable, don't leave it to chance! Make sure you know exactly what to do every day and how to help the weakest pups.

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Puppy 101

Gain the confidence to care for pups from the day they are born to the day they leave home. Know what to expect, what to watch out for, and stop making stupid mistakes!

Top Ten stupid human mistakes that harm Mom and her pups:

  1. At birth introducing pups to Mom in the right way is crucial! If you don't get this right, Mom may reject the litter, show aggression and neither feed or clean them.
  2. Separating Mom and babies is a bad idea. It causes anxiety, milk inhalation and ten days of sleepless nights!
  3. Mom hates the whelping box! Setting it up in the wrong way is a common mistake and a major reason for Moms rejecting their pups.
  4. Bottle feeding the wrong way, with the wrong nipple, the wrong techniques, causing asperation.
  5. Failing to notice a puppy is failing, because you are not keeping daily records.
  6. Not keeping a look out for swimmer syndrome, drooping ears and other problems that can be easily fixed if caught early.
  7. Failing to have the essential puppy care kit. It's too late to get prepared when it's an emergency!
  8. Failing to transition to solid food at the right time, with the right food and the right techniques
  9. Not having a pig rail! Puppies get squashed if you don't.
  10. Not checking Mom's health! You must know what is normal and what isn't, so you can jump in quickly and prevent problems such as mastitis.

Don't make any of these mistakes! Enroll in the course today and be ready to raise a litter of healthy happy pups!

Learn from the Best!

James has successfully bred dogs for over 30 years.

James gives information clearly and succinctly and makes learning fun! He has had over I million views on his "Love My Pups" YouTube channel and over 100,000 subscribers on social media. His followers rave about him with comments like "You are phenomenal!", "Best Tutorial Ever!", "Your videos give me the confidence to succeed."

James has invented products such as The Puppy Incubator, The Whelping System and Shipmate that have helped tens of thousands of his customers to take care of their puppies and be more successful.


What is the guarantee?

We are so sure you will love the course that we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you get your money back. You can’t go wrong!

Can I ask questions of the instructor?

Yes! There is a forum section under each module where you can put your questions about the lesson and James will get back to you and explain what he thinks is the right answer for you.

Is it for all dog breeds?


Can I watch it on my cell phone?

Yes. You can watch it on your cell phone, your computer or stream it to your smart TV. You can watch it on any device you use to watch videos.

Does it take long to download each lesson, and do I have to install apps?

It doesn’t take any time for you to download because it is all video that is there ready for you immediately, no downloading required. You do not have to install any apps.

Will it expire?

No. There is no expiration date. You can take as long as you want to watch it and go back months later to review anything.

How long is the course?

The total length is about 8 hours. The lessons are in bite size chunks, typically of about 8 minutes each, so that you can easily complete a class while you relax with a cup of coffee on the porch or wait in line at the grocery store.

Can I jump backwards and forwards between classes?

Yes. We recommend you do exactly that! Jump right in with the parts that interest you the most. The course will keep track of which bits you’ve watched so jumping around is easy. It isn’t a course where you’ve got to learn the first part before you can move to the next.

Is this for beginners or people with lots of experience?

Both. If you are a beginner you will find it easy to understand and absorb. If you are experienced there is plenty of new information that will be very valuable to you. We are so sure of this, that we offer a money back guarantee.

PUPPY 101 Curriculum

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  Getting ready for puppies
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  Weeks seven thru ten
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  Getting ready for new homes
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  Puppy problems
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