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About the Course

This course is in five sections.

Section 1: I Want a Litter. Lets cover, expectations, expenses and time invested . How to find the right Girl and the studs to breed her to. And lets get a Vet on board too.

Section 2: Getting Her Pregnant. When is the right time to mate. How to mate her safely. What problems can occur and how to avoid them.

Section 3: Caring for Her While Pregnant. What to do to keep her and the babies safe and lets get the whelping setup organized.

Section 4: The Whelp. What are the signs birth is close. How to time the C-section or the natural whelp process
Section 5: The First 24 Hrs. Get a great start with your new litter.

Course Material

  I Want to have a Litter
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  Getting Her Pregnant
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Caring For her while Pregnant
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  The Whelp
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  The First 24 Hours
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What Our Students Say

"James, You saves my litter. Thank God I took your advice"

"You were right, the vet was wrong!! We did a C-Section according to your protocol. 8 Healthy pups."

"The whelping system is a life saver. My babies are safe, Mum’s happy & I got my life back"

“I've been breeding for years. I thought I knew it all. I was on the fence buying the course. But I'm always learning, watching your videos. Thanks again”

“You saved me $4500! I almost went to the emergency clinic for a C-Section. Took your advice, waited 24 hours, and found a country Vet. Cost me just shy of $500. Wonderful clinic, five beautiful, healthy babies and I saved a ton. Awesome.”


Eight puppies dead on arrival. This is completely avoidable. The family got the pregnancy right, but dropped the ball at C-Section. They didn't know any better. But the vet should have. Now they get to go home with broken hearts and a large vet bill. This happens way to often.


Pups were doing fine. Day 3, Mum’s milk duct was blocked. Nobody knew to check teats, especially in the first week. She got a bad mammary infection. It was too late to fix with antibiotics. They buried her two days later.



Now that's more like it. Beautiful litter. The owners are so proud. Their kids are in love. They are on the way to making this an enjoyable and very profitable business. This litter made almost half a million dollars in 2020. Crazy!!!

About the Author

Hi, I'm James, a breeder for over 40 years and a following of 100,000 on social media.
Our company, My Breeder Supply, manufactures products to help breeders like you be successful. We provide whelping and breeding products that we have designed, patented and build to make your journey better.
Along the way I've made plenty of mistakes. But I've learned how to avoid or recognize and fix problems.
From choosing the wrong stud, breeding at the wrong time, C-section too early or late and a lot more. I have learned what I can rely on my vet for and what I need to tackle myself. Secrets you will learn in this course.
I have help over 7000 customers get their dogs bred successfully. The stud selection, the breeding process, the whelp, help with puppies, marketing, resolving issues, the business side of breeding, all of this and more. I've got your back! So, let's get started.

How will this course will save me money?

1) Breed to the right stud and capitalize on your girls strengths to produce more valuable and desirable puppies.
2) increase your litter size by mating at the right time using the best methods. 
3. Avoid unnecessary tests that cut into your bottom line. 
4) This one is huge. Don’t lose puppies, the Dam or the entire litter at or after they are born
5) Each lecture has a comments section where you can ask and get help from James.

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